Monday, May 14, 2012

What're your summer plans?

Summer time is upon us!  The boys have just days left of more Monday to go!  What do you have planned for summer?  While the kids are off all summer, I'm going back to school.  It's official now.  I've applied, been accepted, and now registered for a summer class.  Still working on that FAFSA for the fall semester though.  I've never done the on line school thing, so it'll be new and different for me, but I'm absolutely THRILLED to get started. :)
The boys will wrap up their current sports season by the end of June.  They're going to VBS in the beginning of June.  Our vacation is in July.  Alexander is going to a 2x/week strategy game camp at school.  I wish John Paul was old enough to go to that camp too because I just know he'd love it.
Penelope is elated that fall comes after summer and that means she! gets to go to school.  Today in Target she begged for a back pack. (I held strong, we'll get one at the end of summer.)  Between studying and taking care of the kids and house, I'm hoping for plenty of fun--swimming, parks, play dates...summer!


  1. I can't believe you guys are almost done!!! Congrats on starting back to school. I loved going to school on-line. I hope it all works out well for you. :) What are we doing this summer? Swimming, a trip to the mountains, a trip to the beach, one camping trip, Liam is taking a biology class, Colm is taking a Lego physics class, Liam is taking a drawing class and then I have a TON of day trips planned and I am running a book club for 3rd grade boys. That should all keep us very busy.

  2. Wow! You guys sound like you've got loads of fun planned. The Lego physics class sounds quite interesting. Is that through the school? Sarah LaSala and I are heading up Battle of the Books this coming school year, so I've got my reading cut out for me :) I love that you are doing the book club for kids. We are thinking of starting a similar one for MOYC kiddos.



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