Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bringing a Bit of Nature Inside with Moss Balls

I've wanted these moss covered balls for so long now.  Today I finally made some, with Penelope's help.  I love the way that they look so simple and bring in some pretty texture and color.  With coupon in hand, the girls and I headed to Michael's this morning to pick up our supplies.
 You'll need some moss, scissors, glue gun and glue, balls.  I used my 40% off coupon to buy the table runner size sheet of moss.  You can buy it this way or buy it loose in bags.
For the balls, you can use Styrofoam, newspaper, beach balls, bouncy balls, etc.  I found a bag of Styrofoam type balls. They are more solid than Styrofoam and the package said they could be cut, painted, glued, and even sanded.  Styrofoam balls are EXPENSIVE!  I recommend either making sure you buy them on sale, with a coupon, or use something else.
To begin making the moss balls, you can spray paint the balls with a dark green so that if any white shows it's not a big deal.  I knew mine would not be viewable that close up, so I didn't paint mine.  Then, since I chose to use the mat moss, I cut a portion off to glue to the ball.  Carefully apply some glue from the glue gun on to the ball then gently press the moss on the glue.  Continue until the ball is completely covered.
Do you see that bit of white showing?  You can always glue more moss on there or paint the balls before putting the moss on them.  I just turned mine so that that side isn't seen--problem solved! :)
I put my moss balls in my apothecary jars.  They look great, but don't photograph well.  I'm working on that!
While at Michael's, I purchased 2 of the large moss covered balls.  I did this because the uncovered balls cost the same amount as the moss covered ones.  I had planned on putting one of the large moss balls in the jar with a couple of the smaller ones I made, but the larger one was too big.  I put it back in the bag to return it, but then I found another home for it :)
I put it in this little bowl that I have on a side table with a lamp, but due to poor lighting for the picture I moved it next to some flowers on a different table.
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