Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Today was Alexander's first day of second grade.  Already.  Yes, it's still August (although the weather today is hinting at autumn!!!!).  Yes, he's that old already.  I'm still not believing it completely.  Today and tomorrow are just half days, but he had to wear his uniform, get up on time, be to school on time, sit at his desk, bring all his school supplies, etc.  He sits right next to his good friend, Brennan. Alexander has known Brennan since they were babies.  I have a picture of the 2 of them lying next to each other before they could even roll over!  We are so excited for this school year and it's such a big one...1st Reconciliation and 1st Communion.  When I picked Alexander up, he said his day was great.  I asked him if they played any games and he went into a detailed explanation of the Starburst game.  Evidently each kiddo got to pick a couple of Starburst candies out of a bowl.  Depending on what color they chose, they shared various things about themselves.  Alexander chose yellow and orange.  He got to tell his class about his summer (specifically he told them about the T-Bones game he and Jaime went to over the weekend as well as our trip to Chicago) and his favorite food (pizza...not just any pizza, but the pizza he ate over at Brennan's house). 
Here's to a fabulous year full of growth, friendship, and learning! 

Monday, August 9, 2010

Tomorrow Starts A New Beginning

Tomorrow morning I take Alexander to school for his school pictures. 

It's the official unofficial start of the school year.  Wow! He's starting second grade.

I've had so much fun this summer with him (and of course my other 2 kiddos). 

We stayed incredibly busy doing all of the things on our summer checklist and we had plenty of down time too.
Side note: It's amazing how few pictures I've take with my camera since I got my new phone. I really need to put the phone camera down and pick up the real camera more!


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