Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Chef JP Goes to School

John Paul is so excited!  Tomorrow he goes back to school. Alexander has been back to school now for almost a month.  The preschool open house was almost 2 weeks ago.  John Paul is so excited that tomorrow morning he finally gets to go back to school with Miss Jan and all his friends, and the kitchen.  Back in the spring, he wanted to have Miss Jan over for a play date...or in his exact words, "Mom, when can I have some alone time with Miss Jan?"  My response, "Umm, buddy, what would you and Miss Jan do if you could have a play date with her?"  John Paul, "Mo-oom, we'd play kitchen!"  Fast forward to tonight and our conversation.  I asked him what he would do when he got to school in the morning and he replied, "Play with the kitchen stuff."  And here I was thinking he'd say something about Legos.  Jaime and I wonder if the boy will end up being a chef or just a foodie like us.  Miss Jan, ready or not, he's all yours for 7.5 hours a week, there's plenty for the chef to learn!  :)


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