Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Reorganizing the Pantry

 Today was the day.  About 2-3 times a year I take everything out of the pantry, sweep it, clean the shelves, assess where everything is, and reorganize.  It's a big undertaking and chore for me even though I enjoy doing it and really love the result.  The way our pantry was just wasn't working anymore.  Things kept falling off of the shelves, Penelope kept getting into the cereal (that had been moved lower so that the boys could help themselves), every time we have to feed the dog we have to move 100 things just to get to her food, it looked awful, and every time I opened the door I got frustrated.  Do you see the billowing stash of plastic bags? I always use reusable bags or get paper (reuse the paper ones for my trash bags) but somehow we end up with plastic bags.  I can't just throw them away, I have to use them at least once.  Anyway, you get the idea, MAJORLY unorganized.  So, like I said, today was the day...what else should I do on a snow day? :)
First, I made a plan of where things roughly needed to go: I knew my baking stuff could be moved higher up, I still wanted the boys to be able to get snacks and cereal by themselves, but didn't want Penellie getting them, dog food needed to be easily accessed, plastic bags be gone (I've got a pattern to make one of those nifty cloth sacks to stuff the plastic bags in to), like items with like items, and so on.Second, I moved everything out and on to the kitchen table, then cleaned the shelves and swept the floor.  Almost done here because moving things back in went pretty quickly since I had an idea of where I wanted them.  Lastly, I put a couple quick labels on the baskets so that Jaime and Alexander at least would know where to look for things.I'm not completely done, but for now it's cleaner, functional, and works. I can make it fancy and pretty later. :)
What are you checking off of your to do list?





  1. how funny! pantry org. is on my list every year post-holidays...i'll let u know when i get around 2 it! lol!

  2. Good for you! I wish my pantry looked like that! I'm glad you added to your blog. Now you just get to continue...forever!

  3. I wish our pantry was that big. Yours looks great! How long did that take you?



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