Friday, January 1, 2010


This *past* year I made aprons (and a bit of felt food) for Christmas gifts. The aprons were made from the pages in this awesome book (which I had borrowed from the library so many times and then received for Christmas!) Then today while I had an ENTIRE uninterrupted hour at Barnes and Noble, I found a huge assortment of apron making books.  So many wonderful ideas. Of course I didn't purchase a single one despite having a gift card. Instead, as I normally do, I put the books on hold at my library.  ~Let me share for a moment how much I LOVE my library.  They have an incredible assortment of books. Very rarely do they not have a book I want.  I can put everything I want on hold online. They email me when the books are in, then I drive through the drive through and pick them up.  LOVE the drive thru feature!!! Okay, library praise over and on to a couple of pictures (not too good since I was holding Penelope in one arm)...

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