Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Alexander

I love this boy of mine.  He's growing up so fast and now that he's in school all day everyday I don't get to see him much.  Last night I had a meeting after dinner and got home after he'd gone to bed.  I was up late doing some things and reading when I heard him get up.  He got some water and then I thought he returned to bed.  A few minutes later I heard some noise on the stairs.  My little man decided he couldn't sleep and so he too wanted to read.  His current favorite book is the Lego Star Wars Dictionary.  He can't put it down!  I told him he could read for five minutes, but then he had to turn off his light and get to sleep.  Of course he was a bit grumpy this morning due to his middle of the night reading spree, but we've talked about his moods and attitudes and he checked himself, changed his words and his mood.  He left the house for school this morning in a great mood.  He's a great big brother.  Sure, he gets utterly and completely frustrated with his brother when he breaks his Lego creations, but there's a beautiful brother bond there that can't be broken.  He's sweet, protective, and patient with Penelope.  He always greets her with a smile in the mornings no matter what attitude he's got.

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