Friday, May 25, 2012

7 Quick Takes

(1) Today is the last day of school (good bye 3rd and kindergarten) for the boys, but learning won't stop :)  I've got some fun activities planned and am going to try a summer long project (thinking of a research project kinda thing) along with daily journaling.
(2) Just finished my homemade cappuccino and really want another one...and another. :)
(3) Could totally take a mini tropical vacation just by eating one of these pineapple macadamia nut macaroons (more about these treats next week!)
(4) I'm such a nerd or just really excited and interested in my summer class...general psychology...that I already started reading the textbook when it arrived earlier this week.
(5) I need to hear from the professor of said summer course to know the syllabus...class starts on 6/4!
(6) I wrote out our daily {flexible} routine/schedule for the summer.
(7) Planning a powwow with the kids this afternoon to brainstorm chores, activities, and the summer bucket list!

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