Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Microwave Free (Part 2)

I'm gaining confidence in our ability to be microwave free.  Let me explain WHY we decided to go this route.  In recent years I'd started wondering how safe our microwave was (it's from 2000), what was it doing to the nutritional content of our food, wondering how our plates could get excruciatingly hot while our food that was on them still be so disappointingly cold, and wishing for more counter space. Kitchen Stewardship did some extensive research here and here and sourced it all to help in reading the research a little faster.  My 2 biggest concerns regarding our microwave use were the safety of it--leaking radiation--and nutritional value.  Since the kids, especially Penelope, love to be independent and heat up their own food and stand practically with noses touching the door while it's on I figured I'd better determine this safety.  While pregnant with Stella I always moved away from the microwave when it was on.  Have any of you done this or do you stand and watch the food spin around?  I started wondering about any lingering radiation when I popped open the door as soon as it dinged ready.  So, I'd let several seconds and sometimes minutes pass...umm, whatever was heated up was then cold again.  And so it got heated up again.  Then I'd have to go change a diaper, settle a dispute, nurse a baby, and then eventually get back to the microwave that patiently flashed END over and over and held my yet again cold food/coffee.  Are you getting a sense of the cycle here?!  Regardless if microwaves are good/bad I was continually pushing the minute plus button and never getting to the food/drink within.  Frustrating!  After 3 days of making myself microwave free, I've managed to focus on heating my food and enjoying it while hot. :)  So, why did we go microwave free?  It forces me to be more intentional in my heating up and eating food, if there's a chance that microwaved food could be less nutritious, then why not skip the microwave?  The kids have lost a bit of their independence in the kitchen, but this summer I'm looking forward to teaching them how to use the toaster oven safely.  I recommend you check out at least the 2 posts linked here to Kitchen Stewardship for some great info on the microwave topic.

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  1. We were microwave-free for about three months when we first moved here. I panicked when I first noticed that we didn't have a microwave in our temporary housing, but it turned out to be no big deal.



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