Sunday, May 6, 2012

Tough Girl

Penelope got a black eye a few days ago.  She's the first one of the kiddos to get one. 
I thought for sure one of the boys would have claimed that title, but no, my tough girl did.  The story behind the black eye isn't all that exciting and I kinda blame myself for it.  I took the girls to DeAnna Rose Farmstead to check out the animals and play.  While Penelope was playing on one of the little ride on toys, a horse, she was going back and forth having a race.  I told her I'd win the race and she started to go faster and laugh...that's when she went forward as the horse toy went back and smack! she caught her check on the mane.  It immediately formed a goose egg. I pulled her off the toy and told her we'd get some ice on it...she wanted none of it and only wanted back on the horse :)  I told her ice was necessary and that she could ride the horse again in a few minutes.  She's pretty proud of her black eye and has had a good time telling the story when people ask how it happened.  The morning after it happened she came down the stairs and right away asked me, "Mom, do I still have my brown eye?"  I had to laugh.  "Yes, you have 2 brown eye though....and 1 black eye."  She hesitated and replied, "Umm, I have to look in the mirror!"  I'm not sure if she thought she had THREE eyes or what, but came out of the bathroom telling me in her reassuring voice, "yeah mom it's still there."

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