Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Importance of Work

I almost don't need to say this, but I is important.  Work is important at all ages.  Doing work brings satisfaction, pride, and even some humbleness.  Recently at Mass, the priest discussed this topic.  He said that from the beginning God created us to work.  We had to care for the Garden, the animals, and all Creation.  If we are created to work, how do we teach this?  Is it something that needs to be taught?  As I watch my kids, I've discovered it's a bit of both.  The desire to work is there, it just needs to be nurtured.  Penelope LOVES to be my helper.  I had a sink full of dishes to wash.  She wanted to help.  She pulled a step stool up to the sink and asked for her own scrubber.  Knowing she wasn't going to back down and just let me get the job done, I filled her side of the sink with some hot soapy water, gave her a sponge and some of the dishes.  You know what...she did a FANTASTIC job!  As I watched her while I washed my dishes, she took this job seriously--it was big business, major responsibility to get rid of all those germs.  Within a few minutes all the dishes were done.  She really was a big help :)  A few days before she and a couple neighbor friends were playing in the backyard with her pretend food and shopping cart.  The food had been buried in the dirt.  I didn't want it mixed back in with all the kitchen toys until it had been washed.  I hadn't had a chance to get to it.  Because Penelope wanted to keep washing dishes, I thought it'd be a great activity for her to do.  Work without meaning is pointless, tedious, and generally causes bad feelings.  You know that.  Playing with bubbles and warm water is great fun for a toddler.  Add in the food to get washed and you've got some learning and work going on too!  FUN!

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