Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Favorite On the Go Eating

I do my best to not eat in the car (the kids are another story though!)  Sometimes though it happens.  I'll need something quick to grab and easy to eat and filling, and nutritious too.  I have fallen in LOVE with these
Two Moms in the RAW granola bars.  There are a few different flavors and I've tried them all except the blueberry (I'm going to have to try that next).  I love them all.  I could easily eat a bag of these a day...BUT, they are NOT cheap.  I don't mind too much because they are made with fantastic whole ingredients that are raw, 100% organic, gluten, wheat, and dairy free, sprouted, soaked, and rinsed.   I say I could eat a bag a day, but really, they are so filling that a half a bar works for a light breakfast or very filling snack.  One day I will figure out how to copy these bars and make them myself.  Until then, I will splurge occasionally and buy a bag...and hide them in the pantry because everyone in our house LOVES them!

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