Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Just thinking

I took Penelope to the park yesterday afternoon for a little play time before picking the boys up from school.  While I pushed her on the swing, I listened to an elderly couple chat as they pushed their twin probably about 2 year old grandsons on the swings too.  It made me think about how Jaime and I will be as grandparents.  I hope we are close to our grandkids, that we'll get to take them to the park and hang out.  It just made me happy listening and watching them interact.  Happy to be able to have this time with my kids.  Happy to be able to take them to a park, to push them on the swings, to watch them climb and slide.  This week I've been acutely thankful for the gift of the sense of hearing.  I get to hear their laughter, their prayers, their arguments, their ideas, their crying and whining. Some days I find myself wondering what life will be like when my kiddos are in their teens.  Alexander will be in high school when Stella starts kindergarten, she'll be his age now when he goes to college.  Exciting and sad to think about.  In other news, John Paul came home with lines to memorize for his Kindergarten play in a couple of weeks...just 2 days before the end of school...SUMMER STARTS IN A COUPLE WEEKS!!! :)

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