Monday, May 21, 2012


We LOVE eating popcorn here.  I have a WhirlyPop that I use to pop the kernels on the stove top.  I love pops pretty much every kernel and works almost as fast as popping it in the microwave.  While checking out Pinterest, I came across this great picture and think that I will most definitely be making this popcorn recipe very soon.  The only change I'll make is the butter--I'll try either ghee or coconut oil in its place so that the snack will be gluten and dairy free.
Then I found this recipe for chili powder and dark chocolate popcorn!!! 
While strolling the aisles of Whole Foods, I've found a whole new chocolate world.  They carry a gourmet selection of delicious gluten and dairy free chocolate.  While the bars may be a bit pricy, they taste exquisite and very little needs to be eaten at a time.  I think I'll have to pick some up to make this Chili Powder and Dark Chocolate Popcorn. :)
What's your favorite snack?

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