Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Studying and Discerning

This whole being a student thing is taking quite a bit of time and energy...and I LOVE it!  Okay, so I'm only about a week in to it and I'm currently only taking one class, but, wow, I'm really enjoying it.  And, well, I'm excited to get it all done too.  I can't say being a dietitian has been a life long dream, but it has become a dream and a goal.  I don't plan on being any run-a-the-mill dietitian who doesn't listen like the one we had to see last summer for John Paul.  I want to help teach people how to improve their lives via their diet and food choices.  Yep, that's a fairly general statement!  I'm still trying to discern the how of what I want to do.  Do I go for pediatrics, parents, families, type 2 diabetes, allergies? Do I want to be part of the hospital system, in an office, create my own practice, be a consultant?  I know I'm not cut out for geriatrics, hospital menus and patients, and nursing homes.  I do know that I want to educate people so that they can make healthy choices on their own and for their families. 
Is there anything particular you'd want from a dietitian? Want a dietitian to do?  Particular guidance?

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  1. I can see you working with families. With the experiences you've had, you know how to adapt to fit multiple people's needs and still keep everyone fed.

    And my mother-in-law was a dietetics professor before she retired. Her motto, "everything in moderation." She understood that there is a place for everything (as long as it doesn't make you sick), but that we need to train ourselves to limit the bad and fill in the gaps with good stuff.



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