Thursday, June 14, 2012

Pretty Happy Funny Real

This week I thought I'd partake in the phfr linky party over at Like Mother, Like Daughter.  I've enjoyed reading the posts for phfr (as well as all the other posts) over at House Unseen {Life Unscripted}.  So....
Stella--such personality! She's teething and drooling, laughs and smiles, sparkling eyes and big girly head bands. 
This stuff is seriously good!  Like a gluten and dairy free CRUNCH bar but so much BETTER!!! 

Both boys have been writing notes to me and others.  This is a recent one that John Paul wanted to leave on his kindergarten teacher's desk for her to see on the first day of school.  The truly funny one I only have a phone picture of and it's one by Alexander who was having a rough day and said he'd be staying in the office closet (where all the Legos are stored) until his birthday and he demanded room service.  Ha! I couldn't contain my laughter.  He delivered it to me as a paper airplane flown across the room just before he went back up stairs to said office closet.
I tried to get a picture of all 4 kids the other day.  Well, you know how these things go! :)
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  1. That candy does look good! I bought some quinoa and keep forgetting to try it, so I've not eaten any yet.

    Cute post.

  2. Lisa--quinoa is great! It's pretty versatile like rice and pasta. Everyone in my family enjoys it. I've got several different recipes using quinoa. Feel free to find some here on the blog or email me if you'd like some recipes.



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