Thursday, June 7, 2012

Quiet Time Boxes

I mentioned Quiet Time boxes last week.  My kids have enjoyed these more than I thought they would!  And that makes me SO HAPPY!  I had to put in some rules for the boxes and had to put some kind of large motor activity in for John Paul (my very active one).
QT boxes are for after lunch
to get a treat/snack in the box, must have GREAT morning behavior and chores are done
during QT box time it must be (does this really have to be stated? yes, they are kids!) quiet (quiet does NOT mean silent though)
each child has his/her own box
QT box time lasts 30-45 minutes

BOX FILLINGS~just a start and by no means complete:
special treat/snack
grade appropriate workbooks
Think Fun games
Bananagrams letter tiles with sight words
crayons, pencils
Matchbox cars (just a couple)
small bumpy ball (and a bag of duplo blocks to be stacked and knocked down by rolling the ball)
water paints
pony beads and pipe cleaners
Legos (I don't put these in because they play with them ALL THE TIME)

I think it's important to put a mix of items in the boxes.  They may not get to it all, but there's plenty in there for them to do.  The mix helps to meet what the kids want/need to do.  I can create a desire to play with something by putting it in one child's box and then in another child's box on a different day.  Keeping toys in a rotation helps to keep them fresh/new and therefore exciting.  By limiting the QT box time, the kids don't wear out, they know that there will be an end to the time, the special activities in the box stay exciting.  I don't tell them ahead of time what they get in their boxes.  The mystery creates desire and excitement! :)

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