Monday, June 11, 2012

Coconut Berry Smoothie

There's no doubt about it, summer's warm temps are here and here to stay.  The warm temps are great for getting out to the pool, playing in sprinklers and on the slip and slide, eating lots more salad and fresh fruits and veggies as well as more smoothies.  I LOVE smoothies and have been making more of a variety than my usual kind of frozen fruit, yogurt, OJ, and spinach.  I came up with this new one recently and was pleasantly surprised at how yummy and fresh it was.
It was super quick and easy to throw together with only 3 ingredients:
Frozen berries (couple of handfuls)
1 can coconut milk
honey (sweeten to taste)
Throw all of these in your blender or use an immersion blender like I do.  Mix it all up. Then enjoy!
Do you have a favorite smoothie?
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  1. I have a lot of favorite smoothies. We like this one: and this one and this one

  2. Nina, those sound great. I've been making one with soaked cashews and walnuts, frozen raspberries or strawberries, a bit of cocoa, a spoonful of honey, and some water. It's delicious and so filling! Here's where I got the idea:

  3. Looks yummy! I need to start breaking out the smoothie machine again now that it's warm. Makes a great breakfast on a hot summer morning.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Laura! I love smoothies all day long :) When I find I'm in the mood for ice cream, smoothies are a fantastic substitute :) I use an immersion blender to make all of mine, but a regular blender would work as well. Is a smoothie machine a special blender?



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