Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Building Challenge (#6)

Well, how did you enjoy last week's challenge?  My boys had great fun with the Breakfast challenge.  John Paul constructed an entire breakfast scene in a cafe!  His scene had people eating and a table with pancakes.   Pics to come when I get them off of the camera...hopefully soon!  Alexander decided to build a coffee mug and a box of cereal--but, they're not done yet because he spent more time constructing his robotic mini me complete with a remote control.  Ditto the picture info above.  Penelope just wanted to build planes.  And again, that's okay.
So, for this week's challenge...MUSIC.
Have fun with it and be creative.  Remember, build with whatever you have...Legos, blocks, stack cereal and tissue boxes, whatever you have, just get building! :)
UPDATED with Pictures

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