Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Building Challenge (#3)

Another week has gone by already.  Did you have fun creating some zoo inspired creations?  My kids did...and they are still working on them.  John Paul created an entire scene, but the roof came off of part of it and he wouldn't let me take a picture of any of it until it was fixed. Alexander created a zoo sign and something else, but said it wasn't ready yet.  So, I've got Penelope's picture of her cage that she made.
And because she wanted a picture of every side, here are a couple more....

This week's challenge is THINGS THAT FLY! Some ideas are birds, bugs, clouds, space ships, jets, and UFOs.
Have fun!


  1. As soon as school is over we are totally on board with your Lego challenges.

  2. Great! I'm excited to see what they build!



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