Friday, June 15, 2012

7 Quick Takes

Pretty excited and proud of myself today.  I took another Psych test for my class and only missed one question.  Great start, still going :)
I appreciate my education, but wonder why when I was in the thick of it before that I didn't appreciate and enjoy it as much as I do now.  Maybe it's because I see where I'm going and have a true passion for it.  Not that I was missing that before, just that I have a greater passion now...and maturity.
Speaking of passion and maturity...check out this amazing 9 year old girl, Martha, and her enthusiasm for health and positive change--not just for herself and those close to her, but for others as well.  Here's a great article about her and some of what she's done.  Beautifully amazing!
A favorite breakfast, snack, and dessert this week:

more on this simple quick yummy almond butter strawberry waffle sandwich next week.  But in case you just can't wait because my awesome photography skills have you hooked, I think that by the name of it, you'll be able to just about recreate it. :)
We have been eating copious amounts of fresh fruit.  As much as I dislike the heat, I LOVE summer for all the delicious fresh fruit.
Looking forward to visiting one of the local u-pick farms this coming week.  Very excited for the fresh blackberries.
Fresh week Stella turns 6 months...might start sharing some food with her...first up, avocado...then sweet potatoes.

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  1. Mmm, avocado! Easy access to reasonably-priced avocado is my absolute favorite thing about living in the South!

  2. Unfortunately living in the middle of the US prevents reasonably priced avocados. BUT, they taste so good and are so healthy that I continue to fork over the $$$. :)



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