Friday, January 27, 2012

Weekly Menu

I remember back when we had to start checking all the food labels when John Paul was diagnosed with Celiac disease.  It was so overwhelming!  Yes, I cried more than once.  Then just thinking about going out to eat--Ugg I HATED it!  I really thought no restaurant could meet our needs.  Why bother going out.  Thankfully my wonderful husband said we HAD to teach the kids how to get the foods they needed while eating out. Eating out could not be avoided for ever.  He insisted that it could be done.  We have since found several wonderful places to eat at that truly care about meeting people's dietary needs.  (I've stopped seeing them as restrictions because there is SO MUCH variety and good food to eat.) Last night, Jaime suggested a new addition to the blog and I think I will try to do it about once a month--Gluten Free KC.  I will feature a restaurant and share their Gluten free options, how we liked them, and prices. I'll also try to include as much dairy free information about them as well.  This week seems like a great time to introduce this new idea since we have a pretty good reason to go out to eat--the boys have a violin concert tomorrow and we'll need to celebrate :)  So, look for the Gluten Free KC restaurant feature this week.

Saturday--Trying a new restaurant: BRGR Kitchen and Bar
Sunday--Grilled Filet Mignon (this is the last of our stocked up meat from before Stella was born), fresh veggie for the side--I'll see what the store has available, and maybe these Gluten and Dairy free Pumpkin Cream Cheese Bars for dessert
Monday--Pumpkin Alfredo with Pasta and Kale
Tuesday--Spaghetti and Meat sauce, salad
Wednesday--Simple Buffalo Chicken Soup 
Thursday--Risotto with veggies or maybe this Avocado Risotto depends on avocado prices
Friday--Pizza.  I always make a gluten free crust and for the kids use dairy free cheese too.  If you are interested in a yummy, fast, GF crust leave me a message here in the comments and I'll get you the recipe.  If you have a delicious GF pizza crust to share, I'd love to give it a try--just leave a comment here.


  1. My hubby is convinced we can never eat out again with R not eating gluten. I'm glad you and Jaime were not stopped. I am going to have to research places around here too :) Next time (hopefully in the summer??) you guys come out, we might have a list of yummy places to visit!! :)

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