Tuesday, January 24, 2012

How Pinteresting!

Today I had Alexander home from school. He was slightly sick...okay, he probably could have and should have gone to school, but every now and then a sick day is okay.  He sure was helpful while we ran errands.  It was great having an extra set of hands to help :)  I thought I'd get in some fun learning for him so I turned to Pinterest for some ideas.  I've been collecting various Preschool activity ideas to do with Penelope, so I thought I'd look for some specific things for Alexander.  I've realized that if you are looking for something, pretty much anything, it'll be on Pinterest.  It's like Google with pictures and comments that you can sort and save!  I'm a Pinaholic, I admit it :)  So anyway, along with looking for things for Alexander I also thought I'd look up busy bags since a friend had inquired about them on Facebook.  I've made a few for Penelope and thought I'd do a specific search on Pinterest for the busy bags.  Oh my, there are some FANTASTIC ideas out there.
Take this one for example:
Toddler Busy Bags

This mom set up an exchange of busy bags with other people.  What a cool idea and way to get a variety of bags for little ones.
Here's another one that so simple, yet so much can be done with it.
Clothes Line Busy Bag
With the clothes line bag, patterning and sorting could be done, fine and gross motor skills are practiced, place the tops and bottoms on a piece of paper and then draw heads, arms, legs and shoes.  So much fun in one bag!
And here's another one that has many fun ideas, but that are all in the same theme with more focus on learning. (This blog has so many things that I like, I've been getting her emails for quite a while now.)
Themed Busy Bags
So many fun ideas out there!  I love these busy bags because I already have so many of the items around the house.  Now I need to come up with some that would work for the boys!

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