Monday, January 16, 2012


Going from 3 kiddos to 4 has been pretty easy (granted I'm just shy of 4 weeks in to this!).  It's been pretty easy for a variety of reasons--number one being that Stella SLEEPS! (granted she's just shy of 4 weeks old)  None of the other 3 slept nearly as well as this little girl.  The next thing that has made it easy for me is the help I get in caring for Stella.  Alexander, John Paul, and Penelope (well, and my husband too) practically fight over who gets to hold her.  Penelope is the feistiest fighter and is happy to hold Stella whether she's crying or asleep.  Penelope seriously loves to bring me clean diapers, clothes, take dirty diapers to the laundry or trash, help bathe her, etc. etc. you get the idea.
Tonight, both Jaime and I were making dinner (a post to come about that soon).  Alexander stepped in to help out with a sleeping-but-wanting-to-be-held Stella and he got some reading done at the same time.

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  1. Absolutely precious! I've heard and seen that this is how larger families work: everyone helps out. :) They are so sweet--thanks for sharing the pictures and story! I look forward to hearing about your dinner! Love you all!



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