Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Fresh Start, Goals, and a little Annie Sloan

I love the new year for the fresh start it offers.  It's a time to begin a new, start over, dream, and accomplish.  Today I'm faced with a big decision...blog or shower?  Well, here I am. :)  I've got all 4 kids to myself today.  Jaime went back to work.  So far so good this morning.  We've all had breakfast, brushed teeth, and everyone but me is dressed.  Currently the older 3 are coloring and Stella is soundly sleeping.  We slept really well last night too!  On my list for today is buying a tarp to wrap our fake Christmas tree in to store it better (the black trash bags just weren't getting the job done, my fabulous SIL suggested the tarp idea, hope it works!), finish putting away the little bit of Christmas decor I set out in December, finish all the laundry--this includes stripping the beds too, enjoy my kids on this last day of their break, and shower.  Not too much and I think it's all very doable.  Now, the list of projects I'd like to get done this year is quite long since I essentially took off ALL of last year with being pregnant practically the entire year.  I'm excited to get sanding and painting again.  I can't wait to tackle some furniture that I have to hunt for in the local thrift stores, the girls' room, and the master bedroom.  I've  been collecting so many ideas via Pinterest.  I am excited to save some money and order some fabulous Annie Sloan paint and wax.  Seriously, this stuff sounds INCREDIBLE.  I spent all of last year reading about it.  The only thing is, NO ONE in Kansas carries the stuff so I'm going to have to order it online.  If anyone ever wants to get me something....Annie Sloan stuff would be the perfect gift :)

I'm off to tackle today's list!

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  1. We have a bag that's specially made for storing fake trees and it's fabulous! It's wheeled and everything. Makes keeping, storing and moving the tree a breeze!



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