Thursday, January 19, 2012

Quality Time with Dragons

Today I let the shower wait longer than usual, let the dishes sit, chose not to vacuum, and left the 2 loads of (clean but unfolded) laundry sit on the counter.  Instead I played, I played and played with Penelope.  We played a game on the computer, then we played a card game.  This card game is one that she has made up, so it seems to change every time we play it with her.  Today's card game led us to a LONG pretend playtime that involved dragons.  First we had to scare the dragon away.  This meant getting out a few pots and a wooden spoon to beat the pots. 

We beat those pots softly, we beat them LOUDLY, slow and fast.  Then we had to make crowns to wear in order to be able to properly scare the dragon while we beat the pots.  Beating the pots turned in to having to make lunch for the dragons (yes, somehow instead of scaring the one dragon away we ended up with 4 dragons for lunch!). 

Penelope stirred and stirred her magic brew in the pot while I whipped up some real lunch.  "Mom, the dragons can't sit at the table!" 
I wish I had taken a picture of the entire spread she set up, but lunch took over 30 minutes today and this was taken within the first 5.
So, lunch was eaten picnic style on the floor...and the dragons ate it ALL and drank their almond milk without spilling it.  At some point during this drawn out lunch/picnic, my daughter became a dragon too.  The wonderful lunch energized the dragons, so they HAD to play tag.  When one particular dragon slipped and bumped her head, all the other dragons disappeared and Penelope returned.  She decided it was time to read a real story and take a nap.
Sometimes letting the messy house be messy is worth it.  Today it definitely was :) 

Now to get to those chores....

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