Friday, September 30, 2011

Weekly Dinner Menu

The weather is supposed to warm back up in to the mid-upper 80s this coming week :(  So, I'm not going to be able to make some of the soups I wanted.  Oh well, I've got all winter for soup!  So, we'll stick with some lighter dishes this week instead.  I'm really excited to try the Autumn Chopped Salad.  I found it on Pinterest (have you checked that out yet? Such great ideas for EVERYTHING!) I also found the Orange Beef Stew there as well as a Chicken version.  I had originally planned on the chicken one, but with all the other chicken during the week decided to give the beef one a try.  The frittata is great to use up left overs.  I make it dairy free by just eliminating the cheese (hubs and I put a bit on top of ours before serving).  We haven't been out to eat in quite some time, so I'm looking forward to some yummy Mexican food and great friends Friday night.

Saturday--Roasted Acorn squash pasta with bacon, onions
Sunday--Pad Thai with chicken, mushrooms
Monday--Autumn Chopped Salad with chicken
Tuesday--Spinach, Sausage, Mushrooms, and Potato Frittata
Wednesday--Orange Beef Stew (in the crock pot) and brown rice with sauteed onion and broccoli
Thursday--Tilapia Taco Salad (wanted a light taco salad, going to wing this one with grilled tilapia, corn, black beans, lettuce, cilantro, and salsa)
Friday--Kindergarten parent party, kids eat hot dogs, baked beans, and peas

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