Friday, September 16, 2011

Shedding Some Light

Today I think I'm going to tackle a difficult subject.  I've been thinking about writing about it for the last couple of weeks.  This morning on Facebook I came across someone else who wrote about it today and figured I probably should do so now too.  Depression, specifically depression during pregnancy.  What?!  Yes, did you know that depression (even with no other times of being depressed) during pregnancy can occur?  This current pregnancy of mine came just 3 short weeks after a miscarriage.  Shocked, definitely!  Ready, no.  Excited, no. Hormonally messed up, you bet!!!!  It's no wonder I fell.  Crazy hormones combined with awful all-day and night sickness.  Despite having 3 other kiddos to care for, I spent days in bed.  GROSS!  I've never been one to enjoy naps, stay in bed all day, go more than a day without showering, go days without getting dressed.  I didn't completely realize it at the time, I thought I was just pregnancy sick, but I had a feeling there was something more going on.   I suppose I'm sharing this just to help spread some awareness, to help others feel they aren't alone and that their feelings are okay.  I'm happy to say that now I am over it and am very excited to have this sweet baby. :)
Have you or anyone you know gone through this particular type of depression?  I encourage you to read the other article on this matter as she covers more and provides more information.

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