Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Kiddos

Just some regular everyday time with my kiddos.  Everyone says to enjoy this time, it goes so fast.  I'm trying to really focus and truly enjoy this time with them.

Recently Alexander had a school project that involved creating a diorama.
Lately he's preferred taking the pictures as opposed to being in them.

Alexander's suburban diorama with ponds and the Empire State Building....I asked him why the ESB was in his diorama and he said it's there because his was really small and could fit in the box, but the real ESB is huge and is in New York City.  I think we'll have to revisit this a bit.  See that light at the top?  That's the sun :)

Well, the other kiddos couldn't be left out of such fun! Both John Paul and Penelope created their own dioramas too.
He actually glued all of those Lego dudes in there and used Popsicle sticks to create a road.  He's so proud of his project!  I love it!
Penelope is always trying to be just like her big brothers.  She even does homework like them.  She's been writing the letter P now for a few weeks and is working on the letter B.  Every time she sees a B she says, "B, baby!" 
Perpetual ragamuffin! I think that's some hot chocolate on her face.

Trying to tie John Paul's soccer cleats on her feet

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