Monday, August 1, 2011

Someone Noticed

I got a sweet email the other day from a friend who noticed I haven't posted here in ummmm....months.  Pregnancy will do that to a person I suppose.  Or just life's busy-ness.
I've been pulling together some inspiration pictures for Penelope's room and thought I'd share them here :)
What I like here is the paint and the way it is above the chair rail.  Also, the crisp white bedding with the blanket at the end of the bed.  I already have a blanket on all the beds, just a touch I love.  The other piece I really like about the room is the painting on the wall--it brings in lots of color and makes a great focal point.  I want to put a chandelier in her room, but need to keep the ceiling fan.  I might put a small one in a little alcove in her room and make it a fun reading/art corner.  I like the way the chandelier here isn't sparkly glamour...that just isn't Penelope right now.

In this picture I love all the stuff on the wall--pictures, collage board, monogram, basket, mirror, etc!  A wall that can be continually added to and changed up.  Penelope's room has an alcove area where this fun idea might work.  Also, did you notice the outlet cover has been painted?  It blends right in! Love that!  Love the floor pillows for the art corner and the art storage here.  I've considered doing a few layers of the magnetic paint so that art work can be displayed and changed easily.
That's all for now.  I'll have to share more later...hopefully much sooner than later ;)

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