Monday, August 22, 2011

Baby Sonograms

There is something both incredibly awesome and exciting and yet anxiety-filled about having a sonogram of the baby.  With each baby, I have looked forward to and dreaded the sonograms.  The dread has increased with each pregnancy.  I think it's because I recognize the true gift and miracle of life and how much can go wrong and how some of this can be revealed during the sonogram.  If something were revealed to not be right, we would of course still love and care for the baby, but like all parents, I'm sure, we hope and pray for healthy and the best.
Today we got to take a peek at our little one, who is now 22 weeks.  We still have a due date of Christmas Eve.  We have a healthy baby growing.  I am so thankful and praise God for this blessing.  I feel like I can now enjoy this pregnancy and look forward to holding her in my arms.  This pregnancy hasn't been easy.  The last 2 weeks have started to improve and I'm delighted to be off all my meds.  In the last 2 weeks, she has started kicking and moving...feels like a constant party in there.  With each movement, I'm reassured that all is well.  And the sonogram confirmed that too.
Here are a few pics of our daughter:
Waving hello :)
Looks like too many toes, but really only 10 there.
Baby profile


  1. OMG, she totally has Alexander's mouth!! Or am i the only one who sees that? I am so excited for you! :)



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