Sunday, August 21, 2011

Weekly Menu

Since Candy over at Mommypalooza decided to resurrect her weekly menu plan and link up I figure I might as well stick mine up here too. I write my menu and shopping list on a piece of paper each week. Then, if I get to the grocery store(s) and something isn't available or is too expensive I know what changes to make and which meal is impacted.  I also have a handy Evo phone so I can quickly look up alternate recipes as well as double check if something is gluten free.  After shopping, I write the menu on a dry erase board that hangs near the pantry.  It's a large board so I also have the different grocery stores I frequent listed on there so that as items become needed I can add them to the appropriate list.  I've been known to snap a quick picture of the board so that I know what is needed instead of having to write it all down on paper too.
Here is this week's menu:
Sunday:  grilled salmon with lemon herb butter, sweet potato and butternut squash (from our garden) fries, quinoa pilaf
Monday: homemade calzones with choice of fillings from salami (store was out of pepperoni)  cheese, mushrooms, sausage, spinach, broccoli, and bacon; dip in tomato sauce; green salad
Tuesday: shredded chicken tacos with homemade beans, avocado, Mexican rice
Wednesday: Carmelized chicken noodle soup
Thursday: Grilled fish, Lemon-Herb Zucchini Fettuccine  (made this last week and it was loved by all. For this week, I'm skipping the chicken in it and serving the fish on the side.)
Friday: Grilled honey-mustard chicken cutlets with onions (from the current issue of Everyday Food on p43), green salad, brown rice

Serve It Up Sunday


  1. sounds delish! You should get Evernote on your EVO...i LOVE that app! You can update your "notes" in your "notebook" from, computer, etc....they'll always be syched so it makes updating easier! I use it in the grocery store to look up my lists and recipes, etc. too!

  2. I love reading people's menu plans! They give me ideas when I'm in a menu--rut. This week's menu plans aren't as tasty as yours but next week we might copy some of yours! :) I love that you're blogging again!! Miss and love you lots!



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