Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Polyvore Coolness!

Autumn Decor

Angel Vine Topiary - Ballard Designs, $25
News Text Pillar Candle | Pottery Barn, $17
Owl Shaped Lantern | Pottery Barn, $29

Several days ago I saw this posting on Home Stories A2Z and saved it to read when I had more time.  Tonight the kids were all in bed on time since tomorrow is the first day of school.  So, I had a bit of free time to read through the info and play with the FREE Polyvore software.  Oh my!  So cool and fun and best of all EASY!  It's neat software in that it lets you clip images from all over the web and create your own buttons, decor boards, and collages.  I highly recommend it.  When you get a bit of time, check it out.  I'm still figuring it out--like posting it to my blog without necessarily having all that descriptive text under the picture and that over-sized white square.  Anyway, just check it out and be sure to check out the tutorial post about it--it helped me get a quick start. Fun!

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