Sunday, August 21, 2011

Two Twenty One

Jaime took the kids to go launch rockets.  It's the first time I haven't gone to help and observe.  I want to go, but it's just too hot out for me right now.  Sooo, I'm using my time wisely by blog hopping and checking out what's going on out in blog world. :) 
One I enjoy reading Just A Girl.  Today she posted her Show and Share Day (SaS) review post.  Usually there are some pretty fabulous things out there that people have made, redone, created, painted, etc.  Today the Cork Candle arrangement caught my attention.  We are wine drinkers here in Casa Martinez (though not in my current state, of course!)  Off and on we will save the corks, me often saying I want to do some kind of project with them other than tossing them in a vase or decorative jar.  But, inevitably I end up throwing them away.  Now, though, I've found the perfect and quick decorative thing (and great for the Autumn season) to display/use those corks!  Chelsea has a quick and simple tutorial on her blog, Two Twenty One, showing how to make these.
I decided to check out some more of her blog when I saw her side bar pictures.  This project in particular is what started it:
Yes, peony topiaries!  Aren't they sweet?  I'm thinking of making some (the trick is finding good quality silk flowers), but in colors that would work better in our home.  Though, the pink are so sweet.  They might look too cute in Penelope's room :)  Chelsea has a step by step tutorial on her blog for these too...I'll be following it every step of the way when I make mine!
Another project on her blog is something that I already do and love to create except I do mine without the fancy-schmancy-kinda-wish-I-had-it Silhouette machine.
These applique shirts are fun to create and can be so cute and unique.  I'm thinking of making some pumpkin ones for the Autumn.  I saw one idea that made a tree on the shirt and then sewed red buttons on the tree for apples--super simple and super cute.  I've got some other ideas cooking up depending on if this baby is a boy or girl too.

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