Wednesday, August 24, 2011

First Day of School 2011

The boys have now completed their first week of school, Alexander in 3rd grade and John Paul in Kindergarten.  It's about time I get some pictures from that big day on here :)
Here they are together just outside the school, ready to walk in.

First we all took John Paul to his class room.  His teacher is the sweet and very experienced Mrs. Jennings.
Then John Paul went to his seat.  He was the first one at his table, but not the first in the room.  I think he was a little overwhelmed as he just sat there looking around checking everything out.
After some hugs, it was time to say good-bye to John Paul and take Alexander to his classroom.  I did pretty well keeping the tears in and a smile on my face until I gave him that final hug good-bye.  Pregnancy hormones!  He was only going to be at school for a couple hours that first day!  Goodness, I'm getting all teary just typing this up and reliving it!

Alexander in his 3rd grade room with Mrs. Jurgensmeyer.  It's pretty cool with large round tables instead of individual desks.  This room also has loads of animals--guinea pig, fish, geckos, and a hamster.  So far Alexander has LOVED 3rd grade and thinks it is the best yet!  He came home either that first day or the next saying they can talk ANYTIME and AS MUCH AS WE WANT as long as Mrs J. isn't talking.  Hmm, has she been able to get to know Alexander yet???!  I'm thinking that I won't be able to get too many more first day of school pictures in the classroom with him.  He was too busy checking the animals out and talking with friends.  I was able to get this last shot in before hugging and saying good-bye.
The boys are off to a wonderful start for a fun and awesome year.  :)

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