Friday, April 8, 2011

Fantastic Kid Craft Site

How many TP roles do you and your family go through?  Do you throw them away or recycle them?  Last week John Paul's theme at preschool was Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.  We've recycled here at home for several years, so it's really nothing new for us...or so I thought.  John Paul must have really tuned in to Ms Jan when she talked about the Reuse part.  He won't let me put anything in the recycle bin because he thinks it's all getting thrown away.  I had to explain that no, it was all being taken to be recycled, made in to new things.  He insisted that we could reuse everything.  So, after making a few music boxes out of tissue and cereal boxes I knew I needed to turn to the creative people on the net.  Via another favorite blog I found this gem of a site, TPcraft.  I love that many of her TP roll crafts not only have complete how-tos, they also have a children's book associated with it.

Check out some of the fun:

Spring flowers

Seed starter planters

Log Cabin
The Log Cabin one could easily be changed in to a store, garage, house, etc and could be played with many other toys.
I have to remind myself that so many kids crafts are more about the process and the learning that takes place while creating and they're not about the end product.  They'll all be recycled in a week or two, right?  ;)

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