Saturday, April 7, 2012

Weekly Menu

Easter is tomorrow! I'm not sure at the moment of what I'll be fixing, but I know lamb is NOT on the menu. I've had lamb before and it is okay in my book, but not worth breaking the bank to purchase or worth the effort to cook it. My husband strongly disagrees with me :). Do you have any traditional Easter meals? I have found some fabulous sounding meals that I'm excited to put on the menu and make. I'm really enjoying Thai food lately and am most excited to try the Thai Chicken Enchiladas--gluten free of course.  Next Sunday is Stella's baptism.  We've got a busy week and weekend ahead, so I'm planning ahead through next weekend.

Saturday--pizza, salad
Sunday--kale salad, risotto, grilled steak and shrimp, Thai noodle soup
Monday--Meatloaf, asparagus, roasted parsnip fries
Tuesday--Veggie and beef stir fry, rice
Wednesday--Thai Chicken Enchiladas
Thursday--Smoky Pork chops in crock pot with coconut milk and sriracha and pasta, salad
Friday--hamburgers, kale salad, oven baked fries/roasted broccoli
Sunday--Barbacoa Beef Tacos, guacamole,

Happy and blessed Easter!

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