Friday, April 20, 2012

Weekly Menu

I'm so excited because more and more people are asking me about gluten/dairy free diets, shopping for these foods on a budget, preparing the foods, etc.  I'm having so much fun planning meals and helping to educate people about nutrition and that eating healthy tastes great and feels even better too.

Saturday--Baked Buffalo Chicken Pasta--lunch for Jaime and me,  Chicken Tamale Soup--dinner
Sunday--kale salad, Thai Chicken Pizza
Monday--Barbacoa beef tacos, guacamole, salad (I froze the left over beef, it was pretty tasty!)
Tuesday--spaghetti and meat sauce, kale salad
Wednesday--Green Chili Chicken Burgers (for the dairy free, use Daiya pepper jack "cheese"),
Thursday--Buffalo Chicken Lettuce Cups
Friday--Thai Peanut Noodle Salad

This week's snacks:
Popcorn--I buy the organic kernels and pop them on the stove top.  You can also put kernels in to a paper bag, fold it shut and pop it in the microwave like the expensive store-bought microwave popcorn.
Breakfast cookies (I've made double batches of these twice now.  The first time I added some sugar and the second time no sugar (except what's in the dark chocolate chunks) at all.  Everybody loved both versions.  I will be making these without the added sugar because, have you checked out how much sugar we consume?!  Simply amazing.)
Fruit, Veggies, Roasted Chickpeas

Monday--microwave berry muffins, breakfast sausage
Tuesday--scrambled eggs, fruit smoothies
Thursday--scrambled eggs, microwave muffins
Friday--peanut butter crispies, fruit

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