Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sweet Treats

In my desire to cut the amount of sugar we consume, I've come across many sweet treats that I'd love to try.  Some are naturally sweetened by fruit others honey, and yes, some with sugar and chocolate chips.  Did you know that a high consumption of sugar rots teeth not just on the outside, but from the inside as well. So, indulge as a special treat and enjoy! :)
This Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie is in.cred.i.ble!  It's from Chocolate Covered Katie, so it's got some nutritional value and is dairy free.  It's also gluten free.  The recipe calls for a hefty amount of brown sugar, but I've made it with only about a half cup of brown sugar which is less than half the amount called for in the recipe. Also, when we've eaten it, I haven't topped it like in the picture, but that sure does look good!
This next one is one I found via Pinterest, but haven't had a chance to try yet.  It looks and sounds so delicious.  Let me know if you try it.  Don't be scared to use coconut oil.  I had a jar for several months before I started using it.  I'm in love with the stuff now!  It's extremely nutritious and versatile to use.  These treats are called Oatmeal Chocolate Peanut Butter No-Bake Candy Bars.  This recipe calls for dried cranberries--remember not all dried fruit is created the same, some have added sugar, so read the labels if you really want to watch how much sugar is used.
And, if you're going to indulge, eat something yummily good for you either before or after.  I suggest this version of a kale salad.  It's got a satisfying sweet and salty combo with a crunch and fiber to fill you up.
When I made it, I made a few changes to it.  I didn't use 8 cups of chopped kale--probably about 5, I just chopped up one and a half bunches.  I used more than a pinch of salt, didn't let my quinoa cool, no macadamia nuts, entire avocado, a handful or two of dried cranberries.

When you're cooking, don't be afraid to change up a recipe a bit to meet your needs, substitute ingredients, or try something new.

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