Friday, April 27, 2012

Weekly Menu

We've got quite the busy weekend coming up and I'm rather excited for it.  John Paul turns 6!  We've got 2 soccer games for John Paul and a baseball tournament for Alexander.  The tournament is the wild card for the weekend--don't know game times yet.  This can be tricky for meals, especially when fast food isn't an option.  I've already told the kids we'll probably have at least one picnic this weekend.  They are SUPER excited!  Penelope and Jaime have been having picnics almost weekly when Jaime takes a lunch break when working from home.  They are pretty sweet and a memory that I hope she keeps forever.

Saturday--picnic food--hummus, carrots, celery, strawberries, ham and lettuce rolls
Sunday--grilled steak salad with onions and mushrooms
Monday--Chick-un Tikki Masala Pizza
Tuesday--Chickpea and veggie Quizza
Wednesday--BBQ chicken, grilled pineapple, salad
Thursday--nachos--ground beef, tomatoes, avocados, black beans, chips
Friday--Quinoa, kale, and cranberry salad

Monday--eggs, coconut yogurt, fruit
Wednesday--eggs and sausage, fruit smoothies with kale
Thursday--granola and coconut yogurt
Friday--eggs and cereal or oatmeal

*popcorn cakes with almond butter and dark chocolate chips
*apple slices and carrots
*breakfast cookies
*Carrot cake bites
*No bake granola cakes

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