Monday, October 10, 2011

Projects and A Day Off

I've got some projects in the works, but haven't had much energy to work on them lately.  I should hopefully be able to post some pics and tutorials this week. 
I took the day off yesterday--I did practically nothing except drink hot tea and read most of the day.  Want to know why? Of course you do:)  I'm getting over an awful cold that took hold of me.  Today is Columbus Day.  In our house it's another day off of work and school and another day to get stuff done.  I need to write up our weekly menus (they're floating around in my head).  I've got laundry to get done.  I got the kitchen cleaned up this morning, but have the rest of the house to clean.  Ugg, taking a day off is almost more of a set back than a gain.  Oh well, at least I'm starting to feel better.  And, a highlight for today, it's Monday which means I get to have my weekly sonogram today :)  I'm enjoying getting to have little peeks at this sweet baby.
So, Happy Monday, Happy Columbus Day.  Enjoy your day!

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