Thursday, October 13, 2011

Halloween Decor

Typically when it comes to Autumn, I just decorate for the season.  However, yesterday the boys asked if we were going to decorate for Halloween (they still haven't begun discussing what they are going to dress up for Halloween!)  I thought, why not?!  So I hopped on the internet this morning and came across some pretty cute, easy, cheap, and simple decorations that would work for us.  Both of the decor items I created today came from this great blog, Hi Sugarplum! by Cassie.
I've been saving jars--spaghetti sauce, pepperoncini, applesauce, and another small one--for the last several weeks for a different project, but these jars are just right for this quick and festive Halloween decor.
A quick trip to the dollar store for some gauze and I was ready to go!  All you need for this project is
jars, gauze, tape, glue, googly eyes, scissors, and tea lights.
The rolls of gauze from the dollar store came in 2.5 yards/box (I used 2 boxes) and was plenty to cover my 5 jars.  Tape the end of the gauze to the top of the jar and just wrap it around and around until you get to the bottom, then cut and tape.  Use some glue to attach the eyes, let dry, then drop a tea light in the jar.
They are cute, but when they are lit up, they are even cuter! :)
And here's the mantle:
And although the boys asked for a grave (meaning cemetery with tombstones) they love the spiders and mummies.


  1. So cute! We had Mom and Dad over a couple of weeks ago. Mom hated my Halloween decorations...too creepy. She said I can't have it when I have kids. But yours are so cute!

  2. Thanks, Patricia. I like cute Halloween decor because I can't handle the creepy--I'm sure the boys would love it though depending on the scare level. Do you have pics?



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