Sunday, January 23, 2011

Pretzel Making

A couple of weeks ago I read about these buttery soft pretzels on another blog.  I knew I had to make them with my kiddos.  Today was finally the day! :)  While the boys had a couple of friends over this afternoon, Penelope and I got busy making the pretzel dough. 

more stirring

kneading the dough

After it had risen, the boys got in on the action too.  We all made pretzel ropes and snakes instead of twisting them in to the traditional pretzel shape.  While rolling, Penelope helped herself to some of the tasty dough.  One of hers didn't make it on to the pan to be baked.  After we filled the pan they went in to a hot oven.  Then a quick 8 minutes later, we got to enjoy hot soft pretzels--just like those incredibly yummy ones at the mall, but without the expense and grease. 

1 comment:

  1. We made pretzels once. This is why I LOVE having a blog!

    Look how little my boys was 11/25/06. Liam wasn't even in kindy yet. :)



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