Sunday, January 9, 2011

Coffee Table

I was given an old coffee table by a friend who got some new furniture to fill her space.  We haven't had a real coffee table at all and haven't really had a need for one. When we did need one, we made due with our over-sized ottoman.  This poor ottoman has most often been used as a trampoline though.  With the kiddos and their endless energy, not having a coffee table has been a blessing.  Not having the coffee table meant having more space to play and spread out.  However, lately we've been playing more board games (usually chess or Monopoly) and I decided a coffee table would be helpful both for storage and table space. To say our sofa is large is an understatement.  I still remember the salesman's line, "This couch is great! If you take the back cushions off it's the size of a twin bed!"  He wasn't kidding. It's huge.  It's ugly.  But it's comfy, we don't care too much if things spill on it or if kids jump on it, and it has come in handy as a bed on a few occasions.  So for now and until we have cash to buy a nice new one, it's what we've got.  Back to my new coffee table.  It was dated, but large and fit the scale of the sofa.  The table has some perfect storage for all our games and even space for baskets of books.

All I have left to do is put a couple coats of sealer on the top.  This project has taken MUCH longer than I had planned.  Lots of sanding and stripping.  Pictures to come!

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