Tuesday, January 18, 2011

January+Snow Days=Organizing

January and organization and snow days...these 3 things seem to be going together more and more.  And so, as another possible snow day comes, I'm planning on tackling some organization projects and enlisting the kids' help.  There are oodles and oodles of organizing blogs and websites out there, but I happened upon this one and have decided to jump on the 21 day challenge (although I'm more than fashionably late!)  As I read through some of her posts, I saw her Day 12 posting: organized spice cabinet.  Hello, genius!  I have almost all my spices in containers on the shelf, but I always have to lift a spice bottle up to see which one it is.  Here's the simple ingeniousness of an organizing guru...LABEL THE TOPS!!! I do owe a label maker and put it to great use so much that I ran out of label tape and never bought more.  BUT, I have plenty of permanent markers in several colors that I can simply write spice names on the tops of all my spice bottles.  LOVE IT!!!  So, here's to another snow day :)

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