Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I've had all four kiddos home for two+ days this week (it's Wednesday right now).  The girls are usually home and the boys usually at school.  However the boys are fighting a nasty cold and John Paul has had a very low grade fever.  They are pretty energetic and really not suffering too much.  (A friend pointed out that I'm pretty lucky and should be thankful. So true!)  Anyway, since they aren't too bad, but can't be at school due to that pesky low grade evening fever, I decided we'd do school at home.  We've been busy doing math and reading as well as some art and science too.  I took the girls to story time at the library this morning and took the opportunity to check out a handful of art books.  They are currently recreating masterpieces :)  For science, I cheated and let them watch a science video I picked up.  Math this morning was doing some graphing with Legos--pictographs and bar graphs--and math facts.  I studied to be a teacher, I taught for a few years before having kids, I've occasionally thought about homeschooling, I've decided that I'll keep sending them to school :)

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