Friday, November 18, 2011

Weekly Menu and Thanksgiving

I have yet to plan our Thanksgiving meal.  The men of my house are getting quite concerned.  John Paul has been talking about the meal since at least Halloween.  He's worried we won't get the gluten free turkey.  He wants a chocolate pie.  I got a call this morning from Jaime saying he and the boys had a good talk on the way to school regarding my lack of planning for the big day.  Uh oh.  I don't know why I'm not feeling it this year.  Normally planning all the food for Thanksgiving is something that I enjoy doing and get done well ahead of time. I even test some of the recipes too.  I think this year, between the baby coming, not having any guests, and feeling like it's just one more meal to cook, I just am not that into it.  I do love Thanksgiving. Oh, and this year our anniversary falls ON Thanksgiving.  It's not just any anniversary, it's our TEN year! Holy cow, 10 YEARS!!!  So anyway, planning a feast (when I can barely eat a few crumbs without feeling over stuffed) just hasn't been something I've wanted to do.  I don't even like turkey. But, I do like this crazy good panzanella that we've made the last 2 years.  That's about the only thing I have planned :)

Saturday--flank steak with Gorgonzola cheese, pan roasted Brussels sprouts with bacon, rice
Sunday--loaded baked sweet potato soup
Monday--beef tacos, beans, guacamole
Tuesday--spaghetti and sauce, salad
Wednesday--pizza and salad
Thursday--Thanksgiving--turkey, spinach cheese balls, panzanella, and who knows what else....
Friday--kids with Grammy so Jaime and I can EAT OUT--remember that whole 10 year thing :)


  1. i am SOOOO with you on this!! I haven't done the planning either, only looked at the sale ads to see who's got the lowest price on celery, butter, etc! We are not having visitors either so i think that's part of it. Plus, not a huge turkey fan, like you. I will, however, be making pumpkin pie! Cool Whip (i know you don't eat it) is on sale for 77 cents at PC! :)

    Happy Anniversary erin! I hope you guys go somewhere special to celebrate! D and I are planning to go out to dinner on friday too...probably either Hereford House or Bravo at town center! :)

  2. Did you get anywhere with your Thanksgiving planning today? John Paul got in the car this afternoon and added chocolate covered popcorn to his meal request and also said we HAVE to have lit candles. I really don't know where he gets it :)
    Have you been to Hereford House? I've never been. J has a couple of times for work. We did Bravo for lunch last week after completing our Christmas shopping. It was yummy and momentarily satisfied my insatiable Italian craving. I think we might try Lydia's for our anniversary.



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