Friday, November 4, 2011

Penelope this week

Life with an almost 3 year old :)
Monday--dressed up as a cowgirl for Halloween, but insisted she was Buzz
Tuesday--had to feed the birds. painted a beautiful picture and hung it on the fridge BY MYSELF! never mind the paint that is on the wood floor--Lily will clean it. (it's Friday now and that dog still hasn't cleaned the green paint off my floor)
Wednesday--decided early in the day that she wanted to go to the beach (umm, we live in Kansas!). It was our first rainy and chilly day. She called her Papi that evening and told him he needed to come pick her up (he lives in Dallas) and take her to the beach.  She said she couldn't drive because it was raining.
Thursday--another chilly day. insisted on carrying a couple naked baby dolls around everywhere we went (including visits to the perinatalogist, church, and library).  chose several Christmas books from the library since there weren't any Thanksgiving books
Friday--had to feed the birds again and run up and down the street a few times (it was 23 degrees this morning and the water in the bird bath was a block of ice) with me trailing behind. made cookies (larabar-like), played dominoes, Zingo, and tangrams. got sent to her room for not following directions and talking back--stuck stickers all over a stool instead of paper. had to remove stickers and put on paper. emphatically declared she wouldn't put stickers on said paper. left her room and decided it'd be a good idea to put stickers on the paper. ate cheesy bread, pretzels, pickle, and dates for lunch.



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