Thursday, April 22, 2010

She's 16 Months

She may be 16 months today, but sometimes I think she thinks she's closer to 16 years.
Penellie wakes up in the mornings and the first thing she tends to do is grab her shoes, sit at my feet, and gesture for me to put them on her so she can go outside.  This morning I let her out with me, sans's Earth Day after all, why not feel the dewy grass?  The beautiful morning quickly turned into a dark, gray, and pouring down rain day. 
She LOVES to climb pretty much as much as she loves to be outside.  Cooped up inside does her no good.  I found her squawking up on top of her roost chair...

 demanding to go outside.

See the door over there, Mama?

What?! Pouring rain's never stopped me before!  (insert much crying and more gesturing, foot stomping, and squawking)
Then, my happy girl returned when I pulled the blinds up so we could watch a robin hop around then dart away.

1 comment:

  1. She is such a sweety! I remember that desk! Is that in her room or the kitchen area? I can't tell. How did she end up in the dryer? Yikes!



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