Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day 2010

I don't normally get into Earth Day, but this year I did :)  Last night I saw this fun blog, Bloom, and on there I found this cute tin can pot and knew I had to do that too.  So this morning (going totally off of just seeing the picture on Bloom and not reading the craft instructions on the other site) I grabbed a can from the recycling box, put some fresh soil in it, cut some herbs from the garden, sprinkled in some water, snapped a picture and called it done.  :) I know the can needs some holes poked in the bottom and a layer of small rocks under the soil, but I was also thinking that these cuttings would be transplanted by a friend in to her garden, so I skipped those steps.  I'm thinking a set of these would be charming on a pretty windowsill (of course with a plate underneath).
 The picture was taken right after I planted it.  The oregano has since perked back up and all 3 herbs look great. :)  Now picture these with some colorful little flowers in there too....  Makes me happy!

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